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They'll Call Me Dr. Thompson (3/22)

As I close in on the last 6 weeks of the year of cleaning my office, doing fun stuff of building things (little things:) making lampshades, sewing and dealing with the paper graveyard I am prepared for the final journey. My high school colors were purple and white and it's fitting that I finish in that same beautiful regalia. I added my own incentives of visualizing myself here and it's on my bulletin board behind my desk. During the interview and intent stage, I was told "theoretically" it can be done in 39 months, but no one has. Hmmmmm, they don't now those magic words that call me to action -- it can't be done -- no one has done it before -- you'll never get there -- you can't do it. Barring any closed holidays or course unavailability, it's Dr. Thompson by March 2022 or bust. I thank everyone in my professional career who has believed in me and nurtured me along the way. Let's rock this one out.