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My personal recommendations

I'm asked all the time to recommend someone I've used.  What these present are folks who have earned my respect and were vetted and used.  They do not represent the recommendations of any employer I have worked for, they come with my recommendation that you add them to your vetting list.  There's no exchange to put them here nor do I want want one.  Just another resource for you to consider.

Strategic Digital Partners

Beacon Digital 

https://www.beacondigitalmarketing.com/.  Whitney and her team have been awarded by her peers and earned the "only card I carry" respect from me.  

Writing Teams

Content Marketing Partners

http://www.contentmarketingpartners.com/who-we-are-2/.  Recently had the privilege of working with Azzara and his team on a yearly report and the team produced basically non-edit by us ready content.  The edit portion and ability to write technical and audience understood content is not as easy as it sounds.  They were recommended to me with those same words and I highly recommend them to you in your vetting.

Tier 1 Graphic Designer: 

Janel Musco

.  http://www.janel22.com/about.html.  What I love about Janel, apart from the fact she designed my blog header for "Get Redd In," is that she gives me what I want, not necessarily what I ask for and that will resonate with a lot of you.  Fresh, friendly, talented and worthy of vetting.  

Journalistic Talent:  

Willow Duttge
Willow Communications, LLC
610 Mazur Avenue
Paramus, NJ 07652