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Robin Athlyn Thompson MBA, CEDS, IGP, CIP

Considered one of the leading market influencers and market strategists in the legal, information and cyber industries, Robin is an expert at engaging corporate buying teams in ways that matter to your business and can be seen in the revenue stream.  Unafraid to be first, Robin knows It takes more than a marketing degree to help you build meaningful, long-lasting relationships for your business in these industries.  She is endorsed by her peers, and is a two-time lifetime achievement award recipient acknowledging her service, groundbreaking marketing concepts, and creativity.  She holds a BS in Marketing, summa cum laude, and earned her MBA in Marketing and MS in Social Media Marketing with a 4.0 GPA, and is currently pursuing her Doctorate, her dissertation focused on data she collected and uses as an early adopter of processes that identified new buyers and engaging the buying teams earlier in the buying cycle, and micro-influencer at the revenue level.  She was a 2017 American Market Association Lifetime Hall of Fame nominee for groundbreaking work in tying information, privacy, security, information, financial, risk and HR into the discovery buying process and has scaled those processes successfully.  

Robin remains involved in monthly education for the industry, having been recognized by The Stevies and ACEDS as the creative force and producer of the industry's first cyclical webinar series, and by SVUS with a gold medal award as creative force and producer of Best PR Campaign: Webinar Series of the Year.

Robin spent nearly 20 years of work as a senior project paralegal managing high profile MDL litigation for some of the nation’s most respected legal minds.  She has spoken for several associations and private corporations on the changing legal environment, and how that business unit interrelates to other business communities of practice in the organization.  She is a master networker and relationship builder.  Her blog "Get Redd In," is widely read in the industry. 


She is an early adapter and thought leader, having been interviewed for articles in several magazines including Legal Assistant Today, ACEDS, and eDiscovery Today a Media Planet publication. Robin has received numerous sales achievement awards as a top sales producer, as well as association awards for helping associations set revenue records and membership growth records.  Not getting "closeable leads," is what drove Robin to enter marketing to change marketing from tactical to strategic and she has been referred to as the most closeable lead generator in her vertical.

In addition to her lifetime achievement awards, Robin was picked as a finalist out of hundreds of nationwide nominees for a Stevie award recognizing her as Best Executive in a Service Industry in companies under 100 people, the US Department of Justice Mentoring Award.






"Nobody knows technology, communications, and networking like Robin Thompson. She is a true force of nature with a dedication to excellence that is exceeded only by her notable contributions to the worlds of records management, information governance, and electronic discovery. I have had the pleasure of working directly with Robin on several industry projects and routinely seek her advice on matters of marketing. She is a true professional that I would highly recommend to anyone seeking to drive awareness and revenue generation for their organization."  -Rob Robinson, ComplexDiscovery

"I had the privilege of working with Robin when she was the manager of the work staff for a major energy company's legal firm in Houston.  With over 150 direct reports and 12 vendors to manage, Robin worked with the suppliers and leadership to streamline the human resources needed to respond to discovery and regulatory inquiry to a department needing only 25 to efficiently respond.  Her prior knowledge of the production and regulatory side of litigation, and her incredible ability to manage and nurture staff enabled this evolution to occur gradually in less than four years (with a five-year timeline) and resulted in a savings of $275,000 per week in outside agency cost.  As I sit here in 2016, Robin still has relationships with nearly everyone who came through that department (despite moving to Phoenix), including myself.  Her ability to network and build lifetime relationships, talking to people in a way that makes them feel they are the only one in her circle, is a gift I have not seen many possess."   -Attorney Review Lead


"Robin is one of the most creative and innovative minds in marketing techniques that position us where we NEED to be ... as an early adapter, she was always ahead of her time and recognized the expanding decision makers in electronic discovery long before others in the industry caught on.  She foresaw legal being the target of hackers and here we are nearly a decade later with that being the case.  While others were standing in the usual place, she was right where the puck was headed, foreseeing that information would be a unifying factor across the organization tying discovery, security, risk and privacy together, and expand the buying community."  -R.P., President, regional eDiscovery company


"One of the market's early adopters that others follow and take their cue from, and she combines her legal background, market research and marketing education to generate marketing and strategy that results in CLOSEABLE B2B leads.  She took ordinary tools and turned them into extraordinary brand builders as not one, but two lifetime achievement awards and a gold medal as Best PR Campaign of the year attest.  Robin is the best mentor anyone could ask for, and always reached out to share information and tips knowing that by bringing others up, it raises everyone.  Her grace under pressure as the solo marketer for a product and services company with over 100 people is one of her strengths.  She never sees a task as coming with obstacles, she sees everything as doable and it's that framing that makes her a joy to work with and the tasks easier." -Susan Kavanagh, eDiscovery evangelist

"I've had the privilege to work with Robin for some time while at BIA. She is fantastic at marketing just about any organization or product and has done wonders for BIA's growth, brand, quality of leads, and channel expansion.  Website activity exploded and the quality of inbound asks for demos were directly tied to her work and strategy. I've met very few people who work as hard as Robin does and the great thing is- she still makes time to improve upon herself and to ensure others within the organization feel they are improving and important. She was one of the greatest assets and nurturers, and is simply the best at what she does."  -Ryan Battaglia, Market Manager.

"I had the pleasure of working with Robin on the special "Litigation Support" publication. What I learned during the process was how connected she was with industry professionals as well as new up and comers which for me led to great content in the special supplement. Robin's contribution to the report was colossal in so many ways but the biggest contribution was when she wrote the forward letter where many industry readers responded positively. The publication was at every major litigation support conference thanks to Robin's involvement. I look forward to the next time we can collaborate again."  -Rebecca Crofton, editor eDiscovery Today/LegalTech

"Robin has the perfect blend of vision and determination - what she envisions happens. She's extremely respected in the legal and information communities as evidenced by her numerous board seats and leadership roles and awards from her peers in those organizations.  She has an innate knowledge of successful marketing that hits the P&L.  You're a lucky person if you know her!"           -Melanie Brennaman, Edge Legal